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Computers -- Programming

Is your gifted child interested in computer programming?  Maybe he or she would like to start learning to program by creating web pages. Or maybe something a little more advanced?  Whatever level of interest your child has in computer programming, you're sure to find a book about it! 

Search Java Programming for Kids: Learn Java Step By Step and Build Your Own Interactive Calculator for Fun! (Java for Beginners)
by: R. Chandler Thompson

List Price: $10.99's Price: $9.89
You Save: $1.10 (10%)
Prices subject to change.

Search Game Programming for Teens, 3rd Edition (Computer Game and Simulation Programming)
by: Maneesh Sethi

List Price: $29.99's Price: $15.31
You Save: $14.68 (49%)
Prices subject to change.

Search HTML for Kids: Learn HTML basics in simple steps
by: Brajendra Singh, Pathik Rawal

Search Computer Programming for Kids with Scratch
by: Craig Whitmore

List Price: $24.00's Price: $21.60
You Save: $2.40 (10%)
Prices subject to change.

Search Python: Learn Python the Right Way! All You Need to Know Basics (Python, Python programming, Python programming for beginners, Python for informatics, Python for kids, Python, Python for dummies)
by: Adam Price

Search Bossy: Online Startups for Kids and Teens
by: Jen Adair

Search Python: Python For Beginners Crash Course: Master Python Programming Fast and Easy Today (Computer Programming, Programming for Beginners Book 1)
by: PRX Publishings, Raj Ali

Search Do-It-Yourself Java Games: An Introduction to Java Computer Programming
by: Annette Godtland

Search PYTHON: Learning Python The Easy Way. (Learn the Basics, Learn it Quick, Start Coding Today!)
by: AZ Elite Publishing

Search Kids Coding Book: If-Then-Else (Coding Palz - Computer programming for kids Book 7)
by: Ayesha



Some children not only love to play games on the computer, they love to create them!

If you have a gifted child who's interested in making some computer games, visit the Game Maker website.

Game Maker is a program that can be used to create many types of computer games, such as maze games, scrolling shooters, platform games, puzzle games, and 3D games.

The best part of Game Maker is that one doesn't need to know much programming to create the games.  It's a wonderful way to learn the basics of game making -- like what makes a good game!

Even young children can learn to use this program or you and your child can build games together!   

If your child has a Playstation 2 (or will be getting one!), RPG Maker is a great game for kids (and adults) who want to create their own Role Playing Game (RPG).  While it is rated E for Everyone, it does require patience, but that's what all programming requires! 


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