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Keep toy instruments around the house to allow your child to experiment.  You can get toy drums, pianos, guitars, recorders... just about anything. This is a good way to see, not only if your child is interested in music and learning to play an instrument, but also which instrument -- or type of instrument he or she is interested in. As your child's interest develops, you can move beyond toys.

If your gifted child seems interested in a toy keyboard, you can move from a toy one to an inexpensive real one. And you don't need to start right away with lessons either. However, you don't want to wait too long for lessons. Learning to read music, positioning, and correct posture and are all important parts of playing a particular instrument.

Remember, the more musical toys you have available for your child to play with, the better the chances that your child will find one he or she loves.


Classical Music Books

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It's never too soon to start a child on music lessons. If you know your gifted child is interested in a particular instrument, then let him or her take lessons as soon as possible. Here are some books to help instruction along.

Books Recorder Routes I - A Guide to Introducing Soprano Recorder in Orff Classes
Books The Tropical Recorder
Books Once Upon a Folk Tale - Eight Classic Stories
Books The Body Rondo Book
Books Recorder From The Beginning: Christmas Songbook Pupil's Book's Price: $9.00
Prices subject to change.
Books With a Twist: Humorous Songs and Games for All Ages with Easy Orchestrations and Options
Books Sing 'Round the World: International Folksongs, Vol. 1
Books The World Sings: International Folk Songs for Voices and Orff Instruments

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