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Although I started out knowing very little about gifted children, I learned everything I could about them. I later started a local parent support group and had been an active board member of my state's gifted association. I also worked on a dissertation on verbally gifted children.

Throw away those old parenting books and take a look at the books here. They'll make much more sense -- and you need them to survive!


About Gifts for Learning

This site developed from my own personal journey into the gifted world. Until I became a parent, I was blissfully unaware of how difficult child-rearing would be, but not simply because parenting in general is difficult (it is -- ask any parent), but because I knew absolutely nothing about gifted children and sincerely -- and naively -- believed that "all children are gifted." (They're not. Read Michael Clay Thompson's response to that comment.)

When I learned I was going to be a mother, I bought the best parenting books available. I planned to do all the right things and raise the best kid on the block. I already had a degree in psychology, so I figured that my child psych and psychology of learning classes would help me understand exactly what those books were telling me to do. I was all set.

Then my son was born.

I discovered, among other things, that my son had a gift for learning. He was like a little learning sponge, soaking up information so quickly, I could barely keep up! He was always alert and curious, and although I didn't realize it at the time, exhibited many other characteristics of giftedness.

If you're lucky, your child gets the kind of schooling he or she needs. Sometimes, however, what your gifted child gets at school won't be enough. In that case, you need to find other options outside of school. Unfortunately, many of these options are expensive. Still, with a little creativity and lots of energy, you can often provide at home the stimulation your child needs. I created Gifts for Learning to help parents find the toys and books gifted children love and to provide them with tips for challenging their children at home.

Although it is hard being a parent, being the parent of a gifted child can be even harder. If you are the parent of a gifted child, you know just what I'm talking about. If your child isn't gifted or if you aren't too sure yet if your child is gifted, let me tell you: Gifted kids have special needs that must be met in order for them to be happy and successful. That's right. Special needs. Just like any child with ANY characteristic that makes him or her different from the majority of kids. Like dyslexia. Like ADHD.

As most parents of gifted kids know, very few people understand that simple fact. Not only do they not understand it, they don't even believe you when you try to talk about it! I remember wanting to share my thoughts and parenting experiences with other parents. (It's always good to know that you're not alone!) The trouble was that my experiences and problems seemed to be quite different from the those of the other parents. For instance, before my son started school, I was concerned that he'd be bored in school (he was reading at age 2 1/2). But other parents told me I should be glad I had such a smart kid and I should stop complaining. They seemed to think I was simply bragging.

Because so few people understand the special needs of gifted children -- or worse, misunderstand them -- many parents of gifted children, feel alone. They don't feel comfortable talking to others about their child's problems and when they do, they are frequently met with skepticism, disbelief, disgust, and even anger. These parents begin to doubt themselves and their child. They often don't know where to turn for help.

Gifts for Learning not only recommends numerous books and toys parents can get for their gifted children, it also recommends good parenting books specifically geared toward rearing gifted children. It also provides ways for parents to connect with other parents of gifted children:

I have done my best to provide everything parents of gifted children need and want to help them get through parenthood. I hope you enoy your visit and find what you need. If not, drop me a line and let me know. You can reach me at CarolB@giftsforlearning.com

About GFL

Parents are always looking for information about their gifted child. They also search for the right toys and games as well as books that will interest and challenge their child. GFL was created to help them  find everything they need.  Read more.

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